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Education Class Schedule for AC&C 2016

Class handouts for available for you to print at your convenience prior to the event.

Find Your Voice hand outs:
Keys to Membership

Sea Belles Success Story

FYV Sea Belles Experience 2013-2016

Creating a Buzz

PDF Version  FYV Presentation for ACC 2016  

PowerPoint Version  FYV Presentation for ACC 2016

Building A Brand That Stands Out

Singing Through Your Break hand outs:
PDF Version  Singing Through Your Break

Word Version  Singing Through Your Break

Putting It All Together hand outs:
PDF Version  HI handout

Word Version  HI handout

Putting The Motion In Emotion hand out:
Motion In Emotion

The Many Textures of the Voice hand out:
Shades of Vocal Color

All About the Warm Up! hand outs:
PDF Version  WARMUPS class Area 1 2016
Word Version WARMUPS class Area 1 2016

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