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AC&C 2015

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Welcome the Area 1 AC&C 2015 information page!

Area 1 AC&C
"Rock of Ages"

Dates:  June 4 - 7, 2015
Location:  St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador

Last Minute Reminders

*  Handicapped parking is limited – be aware that if you have rented a car, that you may have to “drop and driver go park”-please respect parking restrictions.
*  Anyone arriving early (prior to Thursday) should proceed to hospitality OR find NFS member who can help find Megan as you may need your meal tickets for Wednesday's dinner.

More reminders...

  • The sign up sheet for riser rehearsal will be put up at noon on Thursday in the hospitality room.

  • The sheet for coaching on Saturday afternoon will be posted in the hospitality room as well. If you are not interested, please remove your name. If there are any registered, non-competing quartets who are interested, they may add their name. Please ask them to indicate which chorus(es) they sing with.

Best Seat In The House

Entry Form Deadline (Quartet & Chorus):  April 6, 2015
Late Entry Deadline:  May 6, 2015
Song Registration Forms are due 2 Weeks prior to Contest

Quartet Contest Entry Form 2015
Chorus Contest Entry Form 2015
Contest Song Registration Form 2015

*  Parking is $5.00 per day
*  Please bring along your own name tag holder
*  Mass songs will take place in court yard (weather permitting)
Please bring along you own water bottle to fill from taps – no bottled water is being provided.

Safe travels!

  • There will be transportation from MacPherson Hall to CNA for the stage viewings. The spot where you will leave from will be the same spot as where you will leave for contest. The rest of the pattern takes place at CNA. It might be an idea to be there 10 minutes or so before the viewing to be sure that everyone has lots of time.

  • Anyone winning a trophy please be sure to pick up the case immediately after contest.

Area 1 - AC&C 2015 Judging Panel

Pattern Chorus Contest AC&C 2015

When the weekend schedule comes out, you will see there are four slots for riser time available between 6:00 and 7:00 Thursday evening and 1 1/2 hours Friday morning. The The sign-up sheet will be available at noon on Thursday.

Quartet Contest Pattern Schedule AC&C 2015

Contest Draw Order - Updated May 9, 2015

Area Quorus, Chorus & Youth Chorus Information

Walking Instruction from Residence to Bruneau Centre for Education Classes and to the Arts and Administration Building for Chorus Evaluations and Coaching

Photo Order Form

When groups arrive for their photo shoot please present the form and the money directly to the photographer. He will process the photo orders and mail them to the contact person identified on the form for each group.

Quartet Coaching
Any registered quartet is eligible to sign up for coaching Saturday afternoon.  Please add your name to the sheet in the hospitality room.  It will be taken down Friday at supper time.

AC&C 2015 Event Schedule

AC&C 2015 Workshop Class Schedule - Updated!
** Please note the Youth Chorus rehearsal time has changed.  It is now 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm on Thursday.

AC&C 2015 Class Descriptions

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