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AC&C 2014

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Welcome to Area 1's 2014 AC&C information page!

Area 1 AC&C 2014
"Movie Melodies"

Dates:  June 5-8, 2014
Location:  Mount Allison University,
               Sackville, NB

AC&C documents you may need:
AC&C 2014 AEP Form Associates
AC&C 2014 Official Area Quartet Contest Entry Form
AC&C 2014 Official Area Chorus Contest Entry Form
Harmony Inc. 2014 Contestant Song Registration Form

Contest Entry Deadline:   Area 1 - April 7, 2014
Late Entry Cut-off Dates:  Area 1 - May 7, 2014
All Event Pass forms Due April 30, 2014

Hello Everyone!

We suspect everyone is getting anxious to start hearing more details about AC&C 2014! They’re coming!!! A lot of people are working behind the scenes to make sure all the details are getting ticked off the list.

1. Registration: AEP will be $99 this year. This reduction in cost is a result of strong attendance last year and an even higher predicted attendance this year. We are so excited to have almost all of our choruses crossing the stage as competitors this year!! Thank you for your commitment to this event!

2. Please fill in the form, paying particular attention to how you spell, write (preferred computer generated!) everyone’s name – that is how it will appear on their name tag.

3. Be sure to include your chapter or quartet name and contact information.

4. You can email the registration form to Margie Fife who will be working with Gina Ripley as our registration team.

5. After you email the form, please send the cheque to Margie as well (mailing address on top of form). Vangie Mofford is our treasurer, but is out of town until early April so Margie will be making the deposits for her.

6. There is a line highlighted in pink at the top of the form – please circle whether you will or will not need a table in the hospitality room.

Other information will be following along shortly:

· Area 1 chorus/quorus songs and mass song list will be available ASAP – we haven’t forgotten!!
· Room registration/ forms will be available in soon. Mount Alison is hoping to provide the opportunity to register on line-more information on this later.
· Meal packages and Moon glow details to accompany room registration details.
· Schedules and class schedules are not usually available until early/mid May – thanks for your patience!! With the panel, I’m sure the wait will be worth it!

Please remember:

· the Area Council approved all chapters being given the opportunity to have a table to sell things at in the hospitality area.
· Anna Tapper (NFS) is our volunteer coordinator – we can’t run this without volunteers. If you have anyone joining you that would like to volunteer some time, please forward his/her name to Anna and or myself, or Anita and we will make sure she gets the information. Thanks!
· The history book will not be judged this year – but PLEASE bring your books along for us to look at - they are very important and we want to display them so the rest of the area can enjoy them!
· Remember to blow the dust off your trophies and return them to their travel bags/cases – we’ll be needing them again!

Do you still have a question that needs an answer?  Please don’t hesitate to send Anita or myself an email…we promise to reply!

Linda & Anita
Co-Chairs on behalf of your
ACC Team 2014

Your ACC Team 2014
Co-Chairs: Linda Brehaut & Anita Power Taylor (NFS) Treasurer: Vangie Mofford (SB) Secretary: Carolyn Pellow (ECE)
Facilities Coordinator: Eleanor Conrad (CFT) Education: Jill Woodley (ECE) Volunteer Coordinator: Anna Tapper (NFS)
ACJC: Sue Beckwith (SA) Contest Manager: Sue Dickie(SA) Judges Services: Island A Cappella
Registration: Margie Fife (SB) & Gina Ripley (VV) Transportation Coordinator: Heather Carter (VV) PR: Judy Milne (Associate)
Moonglow-Elm City Echoes Banquet: Valley Voices Fun Night: Codiac Chords

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